Day #1

Day #1 – Song – Habits by Steven Cooper

I am choosing this song to start out with as I am in a place where I feel like I need to kick some habits in order to make some positive changes. Habits that include apologizing for everything, from being in the way of an isle at the grocery store to talking to my friends. Struggling with the habit of self harm. Recently in the past year I started back up; I would like to see myself quit indefinitely. It’s has always been something that I find helps when I am feeling numb to the world; it brings back all the feelings in the world and shows me a small light in a dark tunnel. But I understand that I should find a healthier form of dealing with the numbness. And most importantly I would like to change my habit of negative self talk. It’s something I feel I consistently do and I believe I can be a downer on myself and the atmosphere that I’m in. Also a little one that I would really like stop is biting my nails. It’s horrible. Really.

I would like to see myself take sometime to figure out my life and how I can start making these changes little by little; creating positive behaviors and building better parts within my life. I want to be a better person.